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As photographers, we think we have to figure things out on our own, but you don't have to.

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Whether you're looking for insight on setting up your business infrastructure, refining your client experience, or want to review lighting options for an upcoming shoot, these meetings are tailored toward your specific needs. 

When you sign-up, we'll reach out to get more information about what you'd like to review so we can jump right in during our mentorship meeting! 


Some of the topics we can cover include: 

studio lighting techniques and how to maximize your equipment

Moodboarding and concept development to enhance your vision

Learning from Arielle's go-to studio setups for exceptional results

A portfolio/image review with constructive image critiques

Boosting revenue with In-Person Sales

Acquiring essential equipment + starting your own studio with confidence

optimizing your client management and business systems 

Review your editing workflow and post-production process

Marketing for your target audience

Products + Pricing

Streamlining your workflow by building a proficient team

Defining clear goals and actionable steps to achieve success

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Introduction to Gels - Exploring Color

Utilizing bold colors is one of my favorite ways to create unique, eye-catching imagery. This intermediate workshop will take you though my process of working with gels and allow you to implement color into your own photography work effectively. 

Learn best lighting practices for saturated, bold color 

review color theory so you can implement gels with intention

Go over editing and styling considerations for gel work

practice setting up your light and working with a model

how to plan your own gel shoot and my favorite resources!

MOVED to January 20th, 2024

9:00am - 5:00pm

1210 18th St NW, STE400, Washington, DC USA




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Now closed!