Meet our Team!



In 2017, Arielle relocated to Washington, DC, where she quickly made a name for herself as one of the city's top Portrait and Commercial Photographers. She's worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies, prestigious law firms, and a myriad of other businesses and individuals, which has given her a unique array of experience and skill sets. 

A lifelong learner, she's all about exploring fresh techniques and ideas to keep her clients' images on the cutting edge. This same drive is what fuels her passion for teaching, helping other photographers and creative minds stretch their skills and imagination.

Outside of photography, Arielle celebrates her Puerto Rican heritage through Latin dance, and loves weekends out in nature with her husband and pup.

Arielle Lewis is a photographer, creative director and educator. Raised in Dallas, Texas, she graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2014. 



Cassidy's professional focus revolves around virtual assisting for diverse clients within the photography industry. Despite her claim of not being naturally creative, she uses her organizational and people skills to be a part of this creative industry.

A fervent traveler, Cassidy's passport boasts stamps from numerous countries, and she loves weekend getaways to explore various cities across the United States. Her genuine eagerness to connect with everyone shines through, and is your go-to person for any questions about booking with us!

Meet Cassidy, our studio manager, and a dedicated mother to a spirited and brave 3-year-old daughter and an adorable, lively, and ever-smiling baby boy. 



Amid the pandemic, Daniel embarked on a self-taught journey in cinematography, effectively turning his passion for video into a thriving career. His early achievements include crafting commercials and partnering with major corporations.

Daniel's heart lies in storytelling, aiming to evoke emotion and make a positive impact on the community. His growth is driven by a desire to create opportunities for underrepresented creatives of color.

Beyond video production, he finds joy in entrepreneurship and a friendly game of Monopoly.

Daniel Holmes, a cinematographer and video editor hailing from the metropolitan area, earned his degree in analytics and marketing from Old Dominion University, providing him with valuable insights into the world of video creation.