Creative Photography - The basics
6 /23/18  1pm-4pm

This class is tailored for beginners in digital photography. Topics include: exposure triangle and how to apply it, basic composition, using color to tell a story, and problem solving for common shooting issues. After the workshop, you will have the opportunity to practice during the open shoot. The shoot will feature models in both a natural light and studio setting and gives the opportunity for 1-on-1 instruction.

Featured Model: Joy Jewell

  • Joy Jewell is a model and actress that has extensive experience in runway, print, and advertisement modeling. She brings professionalism and passion to her craft, and is easy and fun to work with.

Fashion Photography - Lighting Workshop
6/30/18 Time 12pm-3pm

This class is perfect for photographers that want to learn the basics of studio lighting for fashion photography. We will cover some basic lighting set-ups, how to get studio quality shots on a budget, and then explore intention behind the kind of light used for different styles! This class gives you the opportunity to be on set and learn in an interactive manner, as well as give you opportunity to practice with guidance during the last portion of the day. 

Featured Model: Angie Tsagaandash




Creative photography - Natural light portraiture
Date TBA

In this outdoor class, you will learn how to get a great portrait shot anywhere while on location and with minimal equipment. This class covers where to place your subject, posing, using your surroundings, how to connect to your subject, and how to manipulate natural light to give your portrait the mood you want.


Creative Photography - Fine ARt Nude Photography
Date TBA

Learn how to pose the human form to accentuate lines, flatter the form using light, and create powerful, emotive imagery. 

Very limited spots available. We will walk-though the entire process from choosing a model/location, preparation, and the shoot itself. 



Creative photography - concepts from idea to execution Part I
Date TBA

The comprehensive class give you an insider look at my creative process from beginning to end. Come into the studio and get a front row seat to the whole process: brainstorming, model casting, set design and set-up, gear, shooting and posing, to final shot. Part one of this process is a full day interactive experience where you can learn how to plan and create intricate editorial looks. 

Date TBA

This class goes over my photoshop editing process using the photos from Part I. While meant to be taken together, this class is editing specific. You will be given a couple photos from Part I (or use your own photos from Part I of the class if you attended), and you can follow along throughout the class. We will go over how to import into photoshop, the tools I use the most in photoshop and why, the actual editing process, then how to save your image for web, print, etc.  

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