What Do I Wear For My Headshot?


“What Do I Wear to My Headshot Session?”

A Headshot Styling Guide

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when booking my headshot clients is “What do I wear?”

Your headshot is one of the few photos that will be attached to your professional persona for years to come, and it will be one of the most viewed photos of you. For this reason, I wanted to put together a quick reference guide to help people decide what they should wear for their headshot session!

Most professions fit into these four categories:

  • Everyday Casual

  • Business Casual

  • Smart Business

  • Formal Business

Take some time to answer these questions. They will help determine which category best fits your needs!

  • What industry are you in?

  • What do you wear to work when you want to make a good first impression or what you wear everyday?

  • What is the purpose of the headshot (website, online feature, Linkedin profile, etc)?

  • How do you want people to describe you/your brand?

I highly recommend writing out your answers to all of these questions. This will help you truly define the look you're going for, and will help keep you on track while choosing what to wear!

**This styling guide focuses on women's styling. I'm working on a separate guide for the guys, so if you're interested, please subscribe to get it as soon as it comes out!**

Below I've broken down some basic go-to's for each category:


Everyday Casual

Go-To Pieces include:
-Casual cotton/knit tops
-Dark fitted pants/jeans
-Solid colors or simple, uniform patterns
-Comfortable, trendy shoes
-Unique cuts and styles


Business Casual

Go-To Pieces:
-Blouses or Jumpsuits
-Informal, unstructured jackets
-Sweaters or vests
-Dressy flats or boots
-Delicate jewelry


Smart Business

Go-To Pieces:
-Tailored jumpsuits and tops
-Pointed flat or heel
-Trendy blazer/jacket
-Delicate jewelry
-Higher necklines

FormalBusinessPic (1).jpg

Formal Business

Go-To Pieces:
-Structured Dresses
-Silk/higher-end blouses
-Pointed heel or flat
-Traditional blazer/suit
-Simple, classic jewelry
-Neutral, solid colors

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